Hadrien “great teachers, great staff, great moments”

Hadrien was learning English at EC Oxford English School“Hey everyone. My name is Hadrien. I used to be like you, fellow reader, an EC Oxford student and I loved it. I spent around 6 months out there, first in host family, then on my own, in a residence Erika found me (Don’t worry, I’ll talk more about Erika later) and this place was amazing. Your own room, a spacious one, in which you’ve got everything you need, surrounded by your co-students, living as a small community doing stuff together.

“That was the accommodation, but wait, there’s more. To keep my days busy, I went to school, and not ANY school… EC Oxford. Firstly, the place itself is located in the city center, near everything, which appears to be kind of useful after the lesson when looking for a place to hang out at with your friends, totally appreciated it, to be honest. Then came the teachers and god we need more people like these: welcoming, warm, supportive, motivated and close to their students, they’re like friends, but they teach you and talking about the staff, there aren”t only teachers in this building, there are receptionists, directors and everything.

“That’s the moment I get to talk about Erika (as I promised) and her crew, Solène and Sofien, super friendly, useful, available… you can’t see how much they work unless you’re close to them, which I was, assuming I was THE LORD AMBASSADOR, the one to welcome them all, which was my duty: making every single new student feel at home, making sure they get everything they needed, welcoming them at the residence, and so on… That was fun, would totally recommend doing that if your level is decent enough to allow you to hold conversations. Thanks to this job, I met a whole bunch of amazing people who have become my friends (that’s the sentimental bit), people I cared about, people I was happy to spend time with… damn I’m almost missing them right now. Well, to sum up: Great friends, great house, great teachers, great staff, great moments, great memories, great school…

What else would you ask for?”

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