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EC Oxford English Centre is a place where we learn English and at the same time raise awareness about key issues we all face. Here, Rob’s students write on three topics we all should care more about. From one the most endangered species in the world, whether we know what we’re consuming each day, to the energy source of the future, see if these EC students can make you think again about these hot topics.

Save Javan Rhinos!!!
Do you know there are only less than 60 Javan Rhinos surviving in the wild? They are on the verge of extinction because they are used in traditional medicine by humans. It is a critical situation so we have to raise awareness to protect this endangered species. Let’s stop hunting Javan Rhinos in order to help this amazing species show signs of recovery. We believe humans have more medical options instead of using the remaining Javan Rhinos. So please double check medicines you use before you purchase them.
Creating Our Best Version – by Melanny Zabala
Do you know how long it takes to burn off junk food? Nowadays, the human body is more vulnerable to getting illnesses due to consuming unhealthy and artificial food. For example, you need to do two hours of exercise to burn off an Indian takeaway and three hours of aerobics for a burger and chips. What does this mean? It is obvious that we should start to use different ways to burn off calories from junk food. Let’s start to eat healthy food and to do more exercise. We need to double check the nutrition facts. It’s time to create our best version. Our body will be grateful.
Li-Fi  – by Olzhas Taukebay
With Li-Fi people can send videos everywhere. Li-Fi needs only light. Through Li-Fi billions of people can use the internet in the street. A major plus of Li-Fi is it doesn’t need electrical energy, only light energy. You need only solar batteries. With solar batteries we can charge our phone and Li-Fi. Photocells collect sun energy and pass it to our devices.
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