Fun Run with EC Oxford!


FUN RUN with EC Oxford: from beginning to end


 Around one month before the run took place, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to the race but Kylie’s perseverance gave the strength to go. To be honest, I could see that no-one had serious interest to join to this amazing experience.  But suddenly when the event was approaching, people got motivated and lots of people started to sign up. Everybody started talking about it…

Time flew and our dream to be in the race came true. We met at 9:50 in front of the school. I just can remember people started to arrive, some of them tired, others full of energy but all were expectant about what was going to happen. Time changed, it was going slowly. We wanted to start the race as soon as possible. I’d lost track of time. Unexpectedly I was waiting behind the starting line. I had mixed feelings. Firstly I was excited but that feeling made me angry at the same time because the director didn’t give us the starting order. Afterwards, the whistle sounded and we started to run. I was with the teacher Adam in the same team. He’d said he would jog slowly but when the words ceased to be words and became actions, everything was different. While he was jogging peacefully, I was back from him trying to reach him running desperately. At last I gave up running because I had not even traveled one kilometer. Most of my friends passed me, even the people who at the beginning had looked tired. When I recovered a little bit of energy by coincidence Mie was coming to me… She also belonged to my team. She was my motivation and my strength to finish the run. I think without her I wouldn’t have finished it.

Everyone laughed and spoke about their experience. It was really great, but the BBQ was waiting for us, so we had to go there. The burger was ok but the most impressive thing was how EC school’s students made a circle as a union symbol. I felt like at home.

One day later I couldn’t move my body. It was like I had been petrified – completely turned into stone! I was on my bed and I couldn’t move a muscle. As my friends know, I am not a sporty man. On the contrary, I am a bit lazy. Anyway, I am very grateful for this opportunity that the school gave us. In the race, I could see people from the elderly to young people running, and kids as well. All of us ran not only for winning but also to help people with less opportunities than us and share an awesome adventure that is completely out of our routine.

David Palacio