EC Oxford English School on a hot topic

EC Oxford English School students discussed hot topics we need to know about. Read on to find how you may need to think again about having a microwave meal.


The chemicals invading your body
I bet that many young people like to use disposable products like instant food in plastic dishes or instant noodles because it’s convenient. And if you are this kind of person, you should know about these: endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC).
You might have heard of these chemicals. If these chemicals are absorbed by your body, they pretend to be a real hormone in your body, In fact, they are a ‘fake hormone’ which has a bad effect on your body. For example, it could even affect your reproductive organs.
So how do we consume this chemical? They appear when you eat instant noodles when the container is made of polystyrene or you directly heat your food from your supermarket in a microwave (I mean when you don’t put your food in a glass bowl).
So how can we deal with this problem? Well ,it’s hard to 100% avoid being exposed to EDC, but we can do these three things:

  1. Transfer our food from its plastic container to a glass dish before heating
  2. Cook for yourself – learn some simple, easy, nutritious recipes
  3. Get your friends to show hospitality and invite you round for meals!

This is a way to protect not only you, but also the earth where we live.


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