Three EC Oxford English School students on why they like Oxford

Three students say why they like Oxford, the student city

Three Students from the Beginner Class at EC Oxford English School tell us what they like about Oxford

I arrived in Oxford three weeks ago and on the first day, I relaxed in the city centre. The atmosphere here is enjoyable. The people are respectful and it is sometimes rainy. I like rain because in my country, it is always very hot and sunny. The restaurants are great, especially the fish restaurants like ‘The Cuttlefish’.

I like Oxford because it’s a small city and it’s comfortable on the bus. It has no traffic jams. It has great weather and it sometimes has snow in the winter. I like playing football and videogames with friends especially when I win. The restaurants are good especially ‘Sushi Corner’.

I like Oxford because it’s a very green city and the weather is cool. I love British weather. It is very different to my home. Oxford is a small city and it’s quiet. The people are friendly and respectful. You can get a boat on the River Thames in one of Oxford’s gardens. it’s very nice and romantic.