Long-term Student Testimonial- Achiraya


Achiraya, a Academic Year student here at EC Oxford, wants to share her experience with studying an living in Oxford.

My name is Achiraya from Thailand.

Last year, after I graduated in tourism of management. I decided to study abroad in the UK to improve my English before I get a job. I chose Oxford because there are a lot of historical buildings and collages. Also, Oxford is a famous city and has a lot of famous attractions. I started first class in elementary class but now I’m studying in intermediate class.

This is my first time to study aboard alone and I’ve spent almost 9 months in Oxford as a Academic Year student. When on my first day in EC school. I met EC staffs and student ambassadors, they were really helpful. I had been studying many things not just about English. Teacher taught everything about the UK; culture, tradition and history.

In EC every week has different topic. I thought it was really nice because we can choose activities that are interesting or suitable for you. Also, I met many friends from different countries and learned about their cultures. It was a marvellous experience. I went to travel around the UK ; London , Cambridge  ,Brighton , Bristol and Scotland . As a EC long-term Student, I got a lot of experience that I never had before.

In my opinion EC Oxford is not just general English school, but is like my family. I felt really warm and blissful here. Especially, people who live here are really kind and lovely. I would like to recommend EC Oxford as one of the best choices to study English.