Visit the UK – My home county Yorkshire by Candice

Over the many years I have been in the English Language profession, I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous students who have demonstrated great enthusiasm for the UK and what it has to offer in terms of culture, language and sights. Unfortunately, too frequently when I ask students where they would like to visit, the answer is more often than not ‘London and Scotland’. While these places are without doubt worth visiting, Britain has so much more to offer the language traveller.
 I would like to introduce you to a part of Great Britain that I am proud to call home. That place is a county        called Yorkshire and is where I was born and spent a large part of my childhood.
 Yorkshire is the largest county in England and is divided into four areas imaginatively named North, South,    East and West Yorkshire! In my opinion however, it is North Yorkshire which possesses the most breath taking  scenery. It contains two national parks called ‘The Yorkshire Dales National Park’ and ‘The Yorkshire Moors    National Park’. Both are extensive areas of natural beauty and deserve to be visited and enjoyed. While the  Yorkshire Dales is full of lush rolling green fields, the moors is renowned for its wide open landscapes and  barren beauty.
 For anyone looking to have a short respite from the crowds of Britain’s famous cities, there is plenty that  Yorkshire can offer from the greenest fields, farm animals, dry stone walls, farms, long winding roads  through stunning scenery, trickling streams, large rivers and stunning waterfalls. There are small villages, high hills, changeable weather and plenty of delightful walks in the countryside to enjoy.
For those in need of civilisation, Yorkshire is littered with charming market towns and historic cities such as Richmond and York. The food is hearty, tasty and can be enjoyed in small friendly cafes, homely pubs and posh town restaurants.
Yorkshire people are very proud of this part of the England but they are also friendly and will do what they can to help. They have a reputation for being blunt (too honest) but I love this about them. You always know where you stand!
The drawback to seeing the true Yorkshire landscape is that ideally you need your own mode of transport. While buses do run, they are not always frequent and tend to just run between the major towns and villages of the area. If you are able to hire a car, I would strongly recommend visiting this part of Britain to help gain a deeper understanding of the Northern English and their heritage. There is so much more of Britain to see and appreciate.