An interview with one of our Homestay families in Oxford

An interview with one of our Homestay in Oxford Zena and David Hurn. How long have you been hosting for? We have been hosting for well over 20 years. Even when the children were at home. Why did you choose to become a homestay family? We enjoy meeting new people from different countries. Learning ab … Read more

Insights from the Accommodation Officer

Homestay in Oxford – Insights from the Accommodation Officer One of the things I really enjoy about my job is meeting and interacting with people from all over the world and that includes recruiting, meeting and working closely with our homestay families. In my role, I regularly visit the families t … Read more

Pengyu’s experience in Homestay in Oxford with EC Oxford!

Pengyu reflects her experience while on a Homestay in Oxford during her 3 months studies at EC Oxford! I am studying at EC Oxford for 3 months now. I like my host Family very much. They have been hosting for 26 years now and you can feel the experience through the way they communicate with students … Read more

David’s Oxford Homestay English Course experience!

David also tell us about his experience in homestay in Oxford! I have been studying at EC Oxford for 5 months. It is perfect! The host family is always kind and warm hearted. The breakfast and dinner my hosts cook is delicious and the dessert they prepare, twice a week, makes it even better. Apart f … Read more

Tariq’s experience at EC Oxford!

Tariq talk about his experience at EC Oxford English Centre!   EC Oxford is such an amazing experience. I’ve been studying at EC Oxford since October 2017, I spent great time at the school and walking around the grand city Oxford. One of the most inspiring things I’ve been noticing in the schoo … Read more

Ana’s host family experience

Ana reflecting on her experiences at her Homestay in Oxford ! Before I moved to my host family, I asked myself the same questions I think everybody does: Will it be awkward to live in a Family other than my own? What if they don’t like me… or what if I don’t click with them? And most importantly wha … Read more