Ana’s host family experience

Ana reflecting on her experiences at her Homestay in Oxford !

Before I moved to my host family, I asked myself the same questions I think everybody does: Will it be awkward to live in a Family other than my own? What if they don’t like me… or what if I don’t click with them? And most importantly what if the Hosts don’t cook as good as my Mom does??

Fortunately, I forgot about all those questions within the first five minutes after entering the house. Seldom somebody welcomed me as warmly as my host-Mom Kelly did. Not only was she very relaxed and chatty but also the delicious smell of the food in the house calmed me entirely.

What I am very happy about is that I can move freely in the house, I can come and go whenever I want to and there will always wait a meal, cooked with love, in the fridge or me.

The fact that the family comes originally from Pakistan is more a blessing than anything else. Their English is perfect and for me personally it is a beautiful experience to get to know another culture, especially one I was not familiar with yet.

In conclusion I really love my host-family, they are lovely personalities I get along with incredibly well. I will miss their jokes and family dynamic a lot when I return home.

For those who are not sure yet if they want to be entirely independent and care for themselves host-families are a great option and there is nothing to be scared about.