David’s Oxford Homestay English Course experience!

David also tell us about his experience in homestay in Oxford!

I have been studying at EC Oxford for 5 months.

It is perfect! The host family is always kind and warm hearted. The breakfast and dinner my hosts cook is delicious and the dessert they prepare, twice a week, makes it even better.
Apart from the food I really like how my English skills are improving just by communicating with them.

I feel like every day spent there will remain as a great memory.

They care a lot for me and if I had to choose I think the best things is that they make me feel like an actual member of the family, which I appreciate very much.
What I will miss the most, I think are all the people I met at EC Oxford and the friends I made and of course I will miss my host family a lot, too. Other than that, I will miss the exiting trips with UK Study tours and the social activities in the school!

I will always remember the good relationship with my host family. We get so well that I honestly think of them as my own family. They are very lovely people and I cant say often enough that I will miss them massively.