Pengyu’s experience in Homestay in Oxford with EC Oxford!

Pengyu reflects her experience while on a Homestay in Oxford during her 3 months studies at EC Oxford!

I am studying at EC Oxford for 3 months now.

I like my host Family very much.

They have been hosting for 26 years now and you can feel the experience through the way they communicate with students and how to make them feel comfortable in the new environment.

They helped me also to improve my English a lot in terms of vocabulary and grammar, through correcting me when necessary.
They often throw family parties with friends in their backyard. Sitting together enjoying a lovely BBQ in the sunshine creates a great atmosphere, which makes me feel like a part of the family.

I will miss everything I experienced here to be honest. The life at EC and in general in England is so different from the life in my own country. For example, the teaching style is way more practical and fun!

I will definitely never forget my host family when I leave!