True love and trust: ‘Staying Together’, by Judith Wilson – Soo Yeon’s Review

At EC, our English Courses in Oxford aren’t just about the classroom – it’s also about reflecting on big ideas as we learn a new language. Here, Soo Yeon reviews ‘Staying Together’ by Judith Wilson and reflects on the themes of the book. Well done Soo Yeon for winning the Upper Intermediate Book Review Competition with this entry!!


This book is about a typical love story. The main characters in this book are Japanese. They met in a Japanese company. They had had a relationship with each other for ages. Unfortunately, the heroine wanted to go to England to learn and travel. That was the beginning of the tragedy. She met another man in England who is from Zambia. He gave her fresh and new feelings. Also, time ther made her change her life. This book also made me think about trust.

Hiroshi Masuda is a hero in this book. He is a quite conservative and realistic man. Even if he was angry, he didn’t lose his temper He had tried to persuade his partner to change her mind earnestly. He reminded me of trust and true love.

At the beginning of the story, I enjoyed and sympathized with the characters because I had been in the same situation. But the heroine suddenly betrayed her partner. It made me so upset and disappointed. I agree it can occur. However, this book could be a greater story if the writer described their love that was true love.

You should read this book. During reading this book, I got thinking about ‘trust’ and ‘true love’. This tory can also happened to everyone. Also, it can make us think about this kind of situation. Therefore, I highly recommend this book to someone who wants to find true love and trust.