EC Oxford visits the Oxford Union

As part of the social program we had a great opportunity to visit the very famous Oxford Union twice.


Chin Lee, PPE Undergraduate at Oxford University, invited us to his workshop last Thursday. We found the renowned Union just off Cornmarket Street, it appeared to be slightly hidden, but once inside it was bigger than we previously thought.

We were very warmly welcomed and let into a meeting room where everybody could make themselves comfortable. As we were quite an international group Chin opened the workshop by asking everybody to tell the others their name and where they come from.

After that we got straight into the theory and basics of debating and how things work at the Oxford Union. We learned a lot about the culture of debating, Chins own experiences, as well as the so called “PEEL”-method.

The PEEL-method helps everyone who debates- from beginner to advanced- to make strong arguments:

P– Point: Point out your opinion.
E– Explain: Explain the reasons why you think your argument is valid.
E– Example: Present your listeners a clear example of your theory, in order to make them see your point more clearly.
L– Link: Link your arguments to topic related questions or statements that have been made before.

After collecting thoughts and ideas about different topics we started giving opinions to practice our speaking skills. We had a lot of fun!

The next week Jason from the Oxford Union gave us a great tour around the building. We had the chance to exclusively visit the rooms of the Union and get an idea of the history of the place.

After that, he showed us around Oxford and gave us some interesting facts about the most important places in the city centre such as the Sheldonian Theatre, the Bridge of Sighs, the Bodleian Library or the famous Radcliffe Camera.


Summing up, we had a great time and hope that everybody enjoyed their time at the Oxford Union! It was a great way to learn English in Oxford!

Thanks to everyone who was part of it!

Chin Lee talking to the students at the Oxford Union Debating Workshop
The Oxford Broad Street
The Radcliffe Camera
Inside the Oxford Union