Candice reflects the many successes in 2018 for our school

December is upon us! For many this is a very exciting time with good food, sparkling fairy lights, wonderfully decorated trees and precious time spent with family and friends. It is also a time to recap on the last 11 months to reflect on the year’s successes.

Candice Gregory, Director of Studies at EC Oxford English Centre

It has been a great year at EC Oxford and for the many students who chose to learn English in Oxford with us!

We passed an important inspection in November (see November’s blog for more information).

Additionally, we have seen an increase in student numbers as well as an increase in student satisfaction. How do we know this? From the online surveys students complete for us as well as the short interviews we conduct with you all. We have listened and tried where possible to implement many of our students’ wonderful ideas. It makes such a difference hearing from you as you are ones experiencing our school and only you know what you want that experience to be.

Some of the great things we have implemented for students this year are

• The introduction of formal welcome events each Monday for new arrivals (thank you to our students for that suggestion!)
• Student Ambassadors partly leading the Monday’s Welcome Events
• Students voting for the social theme of the week (thank you to Adam, our teacher, for that idea)
• More varied activities in the social programme
• Students leading social trips to restaurants or the cinema
• ‘What’s on in Oxford’ sessions led by Malachy
• EC Online sessions with Malachy helping students find their way around our online platform
• The introduction of weekly ‘Homework Club’ with Lorna
• Regular AY support group meetings with Rob
• Rob’s ‘What’s in the Blog?’ monthly quiz
• More regular blogging by staff and students
• Monthly class merges which has been a great success
• Regular visits by UKEC who inform students on how to enrol in universities in the UK
• One to one interviews with students to get their feedback
• Exit interviews in students’ penultimate weeks to get their feedback

The result has been a happier school where students are bonding with each other much more quickly across language levels and nationalities and there is a genuine feeling that everyone knows and likes each other.

My aim as ever, is to improve further on this and where possible, to give students even more autonomy in the school in 2019. Thank you to all of you who have studied with us this year and for the contributions you have made to our school with your ideas, help, constant smiles and laughter. We couldn’t have got to this place, without you!

I wish you all the very best for the festive season and I look forward to seeing you in 2019.

Best wishes