How to reach your dreams – by Ahmed and Gabriel

Ahmed and Gabriel share with us how we can reach our dreams as part of their work in Lorna’s Upper Intermediate class here at EC English School in Oxford.


Planning to reach a dream is so easy, compared with achieving it 

If you want to succeed, you should have the ability to be positive all time. We know that the first step is the hardest in your way. There  is no straight track for your achievements .

Set yourself targets and award yourself when you complete them


Rewarding  yourself after  achieving a small goal in your daily life plays a significant role to keep your motivation high. If you aim to read one chapter a day and you do it, you should reward yourself.

Time for change

Personal wishes

But why are you trying to learn English?

What does makes you get up every morning?

Having a personal target is considered one of the most important keys to being successful and keeping going.

It means that you should not need to ‘prove’ to your parents or even your boss about how fluent or accurate you become. If you establish your wishes in your goals it will give you an amazing feeling  of happiness and make your routine more joyous.