An interview by our students, Marzouq and Melissa.

Two of our students at our EC English school in Oxford, Marzouq and Melissa, conducted an interview with a local business owner in Oxford. They chose to interview Abu Lila, a local chef who is originally from Algeria.


Q.  Can you introduce yourself?
A. My name is Abu Lila and I work as chef.

Q. Where are you from?
A. I am from Algeria, which in the north of Africa

Q. Why did you move from Algeria?
A. I moved from Algeria to find a better job, first I moved to France and after one year there I didn’t really like living there for different of reasons, so I choose to move to the UK.

Q. When did you arrive to the UK?
A. In 2002

Q.Did you spend those past years in Oxford?
A. No I was living in London, where I met my wife, I think I’ve been living in Oxford for seven years till now.

Q. Why did you choose UK?
A. It’s been a dream for me to live in London since I was a child.

Q. What was the first impression of the UK?
A. A lot, the most important one is that it’s easy to start your own business in the UK

Q. What are the main culture differences between UK and Algeria?

A. Almost everything here is different from Algeria, the language or the food or even the lifestyle of the people.

Q. Do you miss home?
A. Yes for sure, but I am happy here.