Discover the pretty village of Dorchester-on-Thames

The way to the river

Dorchester-on-Thames, the heaven of peace


If you are studying at EC Oxford, I would definitely recommend exploring the beautiful county of Oxfordshire in your spare time. Dorchester-on-Thames is only situated 8 miles away from Oxford and it is very easy to go there. The bus number X-38, X39 or X40 will directly take you in less than 20 minutes. Super easy and cheap! I went there on Monday as it was a bank holiday and I clearly don’t regret my choice! It was a very warm day as you may have noticed, so I made the most of the river.

I fell in love with this place at first sight. I love these cute photogenic villages; they are very relaxing. I especially recommend if you want to escape the crazy busy Oxford in the summertime.


Here is a preview of my time there:


Lily’s is a family-run tearoom which serves delicious breakfast, cakes and lunches, the whole served on pretty vintage crockery. This is undeniably a place to stop by!


dog river
Thanks to its location, Dorchester is very appreciated for its long walks with spectacular views. The walk by the river is absolutely worth it and my dog was living his best life!


english cottage
Wisteria lovers, Dorchester-on-Thames is for you! You will love the 17th-century cottages and mansions completely covered of purple flowers. Perfect for the gram!


abbey dorchester-on-thames
The Abbey was built around the 12th century in the middle of the village and is a tribute to the Gothic architecture. I loved the greatly decorated windows. Open every day from 8:00 until dusk.


honesty shop


The honesty boxes are unmanned small shops on the road where tourists and locals can buy whatever it is on offer and are trusted to pay for it without ever speaking to anyone. I would love to leave in a village like that, where trust always win! I can’t imagine this happening bigger cities like Oxford. I find it so captivating.

Overall, I had a great time discovering this wonderful village. For a moment I thought I was on holiday very far from Oxford – it’s really nice to explore some new exciting places!

And you? Have you been to Dorchester-on-Thames?