Hello, September!

September is around the corner and with it, life at EC Oxford will settle back to some degree of normalcy. With a more regular timetable in place, we can restart many of the wonderful things we do at EC Oxford as well as offer some new and exciting things!

NEW! Breakfast Club

While I can’t pretend our weekly Breakfast Club sessions are new, the food we offer will be! Breakfast club will continue to take place each Friday from 8:30 – 9:00, however, we have decided to vary the food we provide. Some weeks will see ‘Continental Breakfast Club’ and food will consist of baguettes, dark bread, sliced cheese and ham. ‘Healthy Breakfast Club’ will consist of fruit, yoghurt and Granola for a lighter and healthier start to your Friday. ‘British Breakfast Club’ will consist of….well, you will have to come along to find out! Let’s just say, gone are the regular croissants and pastries of the past! We hope you enjoy it and as always, we welcome your ideas. What do you have for breakfast in your country?

NEW! Weekly Social Themes

Cassandra and I are working hard right now to refresh our social programme. We have said good-bye to some of our older and less-exciting themes. We aim to bring a new and more cohesive programme to you all which combines language learning with interesting and insightful themes to help you learn not just English, but more about Oxford, England or even the themes that impact today’s world. Starting very soon! I can’t wait.

RESTART! Class Merges

Each month, we merge two classes of similar levels to help students work with people from other classes. It promotes sociability and enables students to see what other classes are learning. It has always been very successful and most students love the opportunity of experiencing a different type of class and meeting other students.

RESTART! Golden Ticket

From September we will reintroduce the ‘Golden Ticket’. Each week the Golden Ticket is given to 1 student who has not booked elective classes. This entitles them to try one elective COMPLETELY free of charge. This is a great chance for students to see exactly what happens in the elective classes, to continue their learning and possibly meet new students. We believe it is a nice way of thanking students for their hard work or their help in the school.

golden ticket winner
RESTART! Free Weekly Fruit

A healthy student is a happy one! Each week we provide students with free fruit so come and pick up yours from Reception each Wednesday.

RESTART! Student Feedback Sessions

As always, we recognise it is students who have the best ideas. These can only be collected in feedback sessions so get your ideas down on paper. We would love to hear them.

This is just the start. The best schools are the ones that grow and develop and are constantly looking to improve the services they offer. We can only do that with your help so feel free to speak to a member of staff if you have any ideas you think may work.

Thank you.