English outside the classroom

English outside the classroom


When you are learning English, one of the most important things to do is to use the language we learn in class in a real-life situation. English cannot be a language we only use in class! So I’m going to give you a few ideas to use English outside de classroom so you can practise a bit more. These ideas will cover all four skills: listening, writing, reading and speaking. Let’s go!



One of the best ways to practise listening is to watch films and series. Choose your favourite film, something you’ve watched before, and watch it again in English. Did you hear any new words? Write them down and make sure you use them later!
If you decide to watch a new film, use subtitles! They will help you understand the story, but this way you also see the spelling of the new words. Two for one!



Writing can only be improved by writing… That old saying “Practice makes perfect” is definitely true here! So, write, write, write. What can I write? Anything and everything, but just to give you an idea, keeping a diary will help you practise both past and future tenses: write about what you’ve done and about your plans and intentions.
If you write regularly, you’ll notice an improvement soon: you’ll write more words as you get comfortable, and you’ll be able to spot mistakes.



I don’t enjoy reading books about war. Or about love. But I love a good crime story! When we choose what to read, we need to make sure we enjoy the story, we like what we’re reading, otherwise, we’ll get bored very quickly and never read again.
Choose a book or a magazine you like and spend some time every day reading. The more you read, the more you’ll like it!



One more time, practice is key, but we can also focus on what other people say to improve our speaking abilities. If you are learning English in the UK and are staying at a homestay, listen to what words and expressions they use, make notes and try to use them. You can do the same when you are on the bus on your way to school, or if you go to have a coffee with your classmates.

These are only a few ideas to use English outside the classroom, there are many more! Check out this BINGO card. How many of these can you tick off during your stay at EC Oxford? Tell us in the comments below!