This week at EC Oxford: Winter



Now the winter is coming! And our topic of this week is Winter!

On Monday

The first event of this week is on Monday at 12.35 pm with our Welcome Event! Where you will be able to enjoy your breakfast at the Student Lounge, join us to see all the activities and meet the new student. Then to overcome your English and advance to the next level we have the Homework Club with Lorna at 2:45 pm and at the same time if you are a new student, please join us with Malachy in the New student presentation.

On Tuesday

At the beginning of the day you can enjoy a Christmas beverage, a nice hot chocolate, just please order at 9 am at the reception and it will be ready at 10:45 am for you. Afterwards in the afternoon you can Join Pamela our student ambassador to the Lighthouse at 3 pm where you will have drinks for a warm chimney.

On Wednesday

In the middle of the week, we have a Workshop for you! At 2:45 pm with our great Teresa! Where you can find new vocabulary about winter sports!

On Thursday

In almost the end of the week, we have prepared for you the activity Winter extreme weather and Visit the Christmas Market, this event will be at 2:45 pm with Alice on Broad Street please don’t miss it. In addition on Thursday with our student ambassador Koki, you will have the opportunity to dance and stake at the same time in the Disco Ice Staking at Oxford Ice Rink at 8 pm.

On Friday

At the end of the week please join Rachel in the student lounge for having a nice breakfast at 8:30 am. Then at 2.45 pm in the same place please join us at our Farewell presentation where you can say good to the students that are leaving this week and wish them the best in this Christmas.

If you want to improve your English please feel free to join us at EC Oxford in England and having a wonderful experience.