Book Review: DRACULA, Bram Stoker


Bram Stoker

Review by Andrea Ramírez


Dracula is a famous horror novel written by Bram Stoker in 19th century. The story is about Count Dracula, a vampire who wants to buy a property in England (although, It’s not the real reason). He meets Jonathan Harker who becomes the Count’s prisoner when he arrives at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. While Harker is a prisoner, many strange things start to happening in England: people are disappearing and others spread news about a mortal plague. Furthermore, Harker’s friends have visited by Dracula. Lucy, the best friend of Mina (Jonathan’s girlfriend) is the first victim, she becomes a vampire and she is killed by her friends to save her soul. Unfortunately, Mina is a new victim. How does the story finish?

This book is very well-written, the characters are believable because the author describes how they look like, about personality and the places where they were born. The plot is amazing from the beginning to the end. It’s really exciting how Dracula plays with people’s minds. I could imagine a big gothic castle and I was on the edge of my seat because the plot is full of energy and sophisticated details and descriptions. It was a real page-turner!

I’d definitely recommend it. It’s really awesome!