Happy New Year 2020!

Hello and welcome back to a New Year, a new decade and new experiences at EC Oxford!

Whether you are returning after a short break or due to start with us this year, we can guarantee that your time spent with us in 2020 will be full of learning and fun.

So, what do we have planned? As always, a lot! Some of our more popular things will remain. These include
  • Free Fruit Wednesdays where we provide students with free fruit to enjoy during their morning break. This started mid-2019 and has been very popular with students who run to reception to grab an apple or banana before going back to class.
  • We will also continue with ‘Student of the Week’, another new initiative in 2019 where each week one student is recognised by teachers for their hard work and commitment to learning. A photo of that student is taken and framed in reception as a role model to other students. The question is, in future could it be you?
  • We will continue issuing ‘Golden Tickets’ to 1 student on a weekly basis who does not take Special Focus Classes. This ticket allows the nominated student to attend 1 FREE afternoon class on Thursday. The student passes the ticket to the teacher who allows the student to take part in their free 90-minute lesson.
  • Class merges will continue on a monthly basis. Here, 2 classes merge for 90 minutes to complete a task. It allows students to get to know other students outside their class and to push their English skills. Class merges are extremely popular with students and are a firm favourite of the staff’s.
So, with so many good things remaining, the question is, what is new? Well, read on!
  • NEW – Monday Welcome for new students will now include an afternoon trip with a teacher to a café or pub (for students who are 18 and older) so they can practise their English and meet other students. Students who have been here a while are very welcome to attend so that they can greet the new students and make them feel comfortable.
  • NEW – ‘What’s on in Oxford’ is a new weekly 15-minute session led by a teacher on the many exciting events taking place in Oxford and is the best way to find out more about the city and where to go to have the most fun!
  • NEW – We will also be starting monthly sessions led by a teacher on ‘EC Online’, the site for students to access learning materials. The monthly sessions led by a teacher will help students navigate the site and show them the best materials on there to help them learn.

Besides those things, we will be continuing our ‘Big Tuesday Social Events’, class competitions in the school and free classes for those students wanting to learn more.
As always, staff at Oxford are more than happy to hear your suggestions for improvement. In our experience, students always have the best ideas so let’s continue listening to you!
Have a great 2020 and I hope this is a year where you will reach your goals!