This week at EC Oxford – 13th January 2020

Today we start the day with the topic chosen by the students: Oxford.

On Monday

Firstly, we have our traditional Welcome Event at the student lounge, so feel welcome to eat your lunch at the end of the break and hear the news every Monday at 12:45 pm.

Secondly, if you are working hard to pass to the next level, please come to the Homework Club with Lorna, where you will be able to solve doubts in your homework or general English.

Thirdly, for the new students this week we have the Welcome Presentation at 2:45 pm, where you will know how we learn and live in Oxford.

Finally, we have our weekly Monday Pub at 3:15 pm where you will have the opportunity to meet the new students and spend a nice afternoon.

On Tuesday

If you haven’t had time to explore the city this is your opportunity! Please come with us to St Mary’s Tower & Church at 2:45 pm the cost of the activity is £6.

On Wednesday

Join us to the mysterious and interesting workshop called Oxford’s Gruesome histories at 3:00 pm where you will know some legends about the city.

On Thursday

Feel invited to come to our dinner activity with our cheerful student ambassador Koki at 6pm to go to the Wig and Pen from the school.

On Friday

Now we are at the end of the week and we have for you our special Farewell event, where the students have the opportunity to say goodbye to the students who are leaving this week, to know what would happen next week and some information about what to do at the weekend.

If you’re thinking about learning English abroad, why not at EC Oxford?