What’s happening in EC Oxford – 7th January 2020

In the second week of the year, EC Oxford is glad to receive 6 new students and ready to start the programme New Year Resolutions!


On Monday

Please feel free to join us at our famous Welcome Event in the student’s lounge at 12:45 pm, where you could find all the new activities and meet the new students of the week.


Then at 2:45 pm, we will have the Homework Club with Lorna, when the students have the opportunity to improve their skills in English and solve doubts about their tasks.


For the new students at the same time 2:45 pm we have the activity, Living in Oxford and How we learn?, this is a small introduction for help them to know about the useful information of the city and tips for learning English.


Additionally every Monday at 3:15 pm, we will have the activity “Monday Pub” where you will have the opportunity to talk with other students and spend a nice time.


On Tuesday

If you like the great atmospheres and spend time playing games with others we have a great opportunity for you, please feel free to join us to the activity Bowling with a cost of £ 8 at 3:00 pm.


On Wednesday

We are now in the middle of the week and we’re happy to offer you the workshop “Making Promises” at 2:45 pm, where you could find new vocabulary in English and know the importance to a promise.


On Thursday

According to subject New Year Resolutions of this week, we have prepared for you the workshop “How to react to other people’s plans” at 3:00 pm.


On Friday

Firstly as every Friday, we have at 8:30 am the Breakfast Club 🍽 with Rachel when you will find strawberries and apples, please feel free to join us and have a pleasant time with other students.


Finally at 2:45 pm come to our Farewell event at the student lounge to know about what you can do at the weekend, know about the programme of the next week and say goodbye to the students that are leaving this week.


To learn more about how we learn English and improve our skills please feel free to join our team at EC Oxford in England.