International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day all over the world; but what is International Women’s Day, and why do we celebrate it? This entry will help you understand the importance of such a day!   What is International Women’s Day? This day celebrates … Read more

How to celebrate Christmas in Mexico!

Now  you will learn about some surroundings parties of Christmas in Mexico. It’s important to remember that some traditions come from Spain and another’s transform due to Mexico. Nacimientos In Mexico the catholic religion commemorates the birth of Jesus setting up on 16th of December the “Nac … Read more

This week at EC Oxford: Winter

    Now the winter is coming! And our topic of this week is Winter! On Monday The first event of this week is on Monday at 12.35 pm with our Welcome Event! Where you will be able to enjoy your breakfast at the Student Lounge, join us to see all the activities and meet the new student. Then … Read more