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Last Supper in Pompeii: the Summer Exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum

25th July 2019 – 19th January 2020 Price: £12.25, £6 for students with students IDs On Friday afternoon I went to the Ashmolean Museum to have a look at the current exhibition – Last Supper in Pompeii. I always loved the veil of secrecy about this well-known city. Here is a short review of wha … Read more

EC Oxford English School in the centre of Oxford has punting just a few minutes walk away!

May in Oxford! – by Candice

I like to think of May as ‘the calm before the storm’. Do you know this idiom? It basically means that this is a quiet period before it gets busy, and yes, it does get busy at EC Oxford English School! At EC, May is always about the slow planning and preparation for the busy summer months which are … Read more


Oxford Open Doors

Once a year Oxford opens its doors and invites the public to explore the colleges, libraries and other exclusive sights for free. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have a look around and discover beauty of some of Oxford’s finest places. Every Sunday we invite the new students starting their EC Oxford … Read more