Happy New Year 2020!

Hello and welcome back to a New Year, a new decade and new experiences at EC Oxford! Whether you are returning after a short break or due to start with us this year, we can guarantee that your time spent with us in 2020 will be full of learning and fun. So, what do we have planned? As always, a lot! … Read more

Christmas in France

Christmas celebration is quite different around the world. If you would like to know how Christmas is celebrated in France, keep reading. In France, the entire month of December is dedicated to the preparation and the celebration of Christmas. The streets and the shops are beautifully light-up and d … Read more

Book Review: DRACULA, Bram Stoker

DRACULA Bram Stoker Review by Andrea Ramírez   Dracula is a famous horror novel written by Bram Stoker in 19th century. The story is about Count Dracula, a vampire who wants to buy a property in England (although, It’s not the real reason). He meets Jonathan Harker who becomes the Count’s priso … Read more

An important memory (I) – Emir

Last week, our Advanced class wrote about one of their most important memories. Here’s part 1: Emir tells us about his exam at university. —   The day that I took my university exam is still in my mind like yesterday. Most students in Turkey had been feeling like in that time becaus … Read more

student ambassador

Get to know Koki: our new student ambassador

Koki is one of our new student ambassadors. To get to know him a bit better, we asked him to answer some questions. 1.What’s your hometown? Can you describe it to us? I’m from Japan and my hometown is Shiga. Shiga is in a west part of Japan. It’s far from Tokyo which is capital city of Japan. Howeve … Read more

Are you superstitious?

Superstitions Coming up this week is Friday 13th. Not the film, but the day. Like Jason, though, this day brings bad luck for everyone who comes across it – or at least that’s what people believe. It doesn’t, of course; Friday 13th is just as good or as bad as any other Friday. It’s just one of the … Read more

friday the 13th

This week at EC Oxford: Are you afraid of the dark?

This week at EC Oxford our theme is: Are you afraid of the dark? Next Friday it is Friday the 13th, which is an unlucky day here in the UK. Because of this scary and spooky day, our theme this week is also spooky. And we have planned lots of scary stuff for our students. Read here all about the fun … Read more