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‘We became happier’ – what happened when we changed our Social Media Use for a week

Recently, the Global Awareness class took on a challenge which Rob set them to adapt their social media use. Here’s what happened, the impact it had and how you could do the same!   The activity   What do you think if the teacher challenges you to reduce your social media use? Do you think … Read more

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IELTS Score Success 2: The Reading Paper

IELTS is one of our most popular Oxford English courses here at EC Oxford. Last time in the IELTS Series we saw how to boost your IELTS Listening Score. Today, we’re looking at the Paper that students often score lowest in: Reading. First things first. It’s tempting to ignore our weakest areas, hopi … Read more

Candice Gregory, Director of Studies at EC Oxford English Centre

Happy New Year! from Candice

  Happy New Year to you all! Welcome to a new year, new experiences, new faces and above all, new learning opportunities! As the new year opens, here in the UK we like to set ourselves resolutions. This could be giving up a bad habit or developing good ones. This year one of mine is to try mind … Read more

Candice Gregory, Director of Studies at EC Oxford English Centre

ISI Inspection and Report

Many of you in the school will remember the 7th November quite clearly. It is certainly a date etched into the minds of the staff at EC Oxford. It is the day we had 2 inspectors from the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) visit the school for a day to check the quality of our school, the teachers … Read more