EC Oxford English School students enjoy Oxford in the snow

A White Christmas in Oxford – Snow is like a memory

Before Christmas, Oxford was covered in snow for half a week. Here, Rob shares a poem his class wrote inspired by experiencing Oxford in the snow and shares his own reflections on the magic of a white Christmas (well, almost!) in the city of dreaming spires. Snow Snow is like a cold blanket covering … Read more

Lorna, a teacher of EC's IELTS Courses in Oxford

Getting to Know Lorna

Get to know our teacher Lorna better by finding out where she’s from and what she likes doing in the time not taken up by teaching EC’s IELTS courses in Oxford! Where are you from originally? Can you describe it to us? I’m from Oxford (a rare native!) – you know what it’s lik … Read more

EC Oxford English School welcomes Ryan to our teaching team

Goodbye, Ryan!

Sadly, 2018 starts with the departure of Ryan Johnson who has been a member of our teaching team for several months now. Ryan joined EC Oxford English School after relocating to the area from Canada last September. His previous work experience included teaching for EC Toronto, so he was not new to t … Read more

EC Oxford English Centre welcomes Malachy back to the teaching team

Welcome back to EC Oxford, Malachy!

Malachy has returned to work at EC Oxford English Centre after spending some time in EC London and here he tells us more about himself. Welcome back! Hello my name is Malachy and I started working for EC English in February 2014 EC Oxford was my first job after leaving university. I took a hiatus fr … Read more

EC English Language School in Oxford welcomes 2018

Welcome to 2018 – by Candice, our Centre Manager

As we turn the corner and leave 2017 behind, I would like to extend a warm welcome back to our existing students and say hello to any students who are due to arrive at EC English Language School in Oxford this coming year. 2017 was a year in which we introduced a few new things at EC Oxford, such as … Read more

Khled says thank you for his time at EC Oxford English Centre

Khled says a big thankyou to EC Oxford

Last week, we said farewell to Khled but here he expresses his thanks for the people who made his time at EC Oxford English Centre special. I would like to thank all of you at EC Oxford for everything you have done for me. I have had a wonderful experience thanks to your hard work, your enthusiasm a … Read more