This week at EC Oxford – The city of Dreaming Spires

This week at EC Oxford, we celebrate all things Oxford! The City of Dreaming Spires is a source of inspiration for many people: famous authors and actors have found their voice in this city; architects have shaped the city’s skyline; artists have captured Oxford’s beauty in their paintings… As usual … Read more

IELTS Score Success 3: The Speaking Paper

Here’s the guide from EC Oxford on getting your IELTS Speaking score.  First things first. The Speaking Test in IELTS is all about speaking! So make sure you find a way to deal with nerves. Being nervous makes you speak less and speak worse than you could. Being confident makes you speak more … Read more

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“We became happier” – what happened when we changed our social media use for a week

Recently, the Global Awareness at EC Oxford English school class took on a challenge which Rob set them to adapt their social media use. Here’s what happened, the impact it had and how you could do the same!   The activity   What do you think if your EC Oxford teacher challenges you to red … Read more

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IELTS Score Success 2: The Reading Paper

IELTS is one of our most popular Oxford English courses here at EC Oxford. Last time in the IELTS Oxford Series we saw how to boost your IELTS Listening Score. Today, we’re looking at the Paper that students often score lowest in: Reading. First things first. It’s tempting to ignore our … Read more