worldwide superstitions

Superstitions around the world

Because it is Friday the 13th the students in the Advanced class wrote about superstitions in their home country. All are very different from the ones here in the UK. Enjoy what these students have to say about scary or sometimes funny superstitions from around the world. Mari about Japan: If you cu … Read more

friday the 13th

This week at EC Oxford: Are you afraid of the dark?

This week at EC Oxford our theme is: Are you afraid of the dark? Next Friday it is Friday the 13th, which is an unlucky day here in the UK. Because of this scary and spooky day, our theme this week is also spooky. And we have planned lots of scary stuff for our students. Read here all about the fun … Read more

student ambassador

Spotlight on a Student Ambassador – Introducing Isabella!

1.What’s your hometown? Can you describe it to us? • I’m from Colombia, one of the most beautiful countries in South America, I was born in Bucaramanga, a wonderful city full of colour and tradition, two months later I moved to Melgara – a small town where I grew up. All my life I kept m … Read more