Christmas at EC Oxford!

Good day everybody! Christmas is here at EC Oxford and we will celebrate it with cheerfulness. At this beginning of the week, we had 3 new students how joined the group EC Oxford. Oxford City Football Club If you are passionate about football ⚽ we have good news for you! The school is offering to the students, free tickets to football matches during the next couple of months and especially during the Christmas season. Where you would see the Oxford City Football club playing with different teams, if you are interested please ask at the reception for more information. On Boxing Day Join your student ambassador and other students on Boxing Day 26th December, in this activity you will be able to make new friends! and have the opportunity to learn different Christmas traditions with other students. Christmas parties The Christmas parties are coming this week ? ? ? so the school will close their doors on 25th, 26th of this week, but if you are wondering what you can do in these days off, we have an activity for you. If you are planning to travel from 24th December to 1st January, we recommend you to take a look in advance on the timetables either online or at Oxford bus Company since on festive days it will operate just in certain hours in the city, within the city, to London and airports as Heathrow and Gatwick. But don’t be afraid if your opportunities run out, will exist other possibilities as Oxford tube and taxis, so if you need help with book one please ask at the reception and we will help you. EC Oxford wish you the best during these Christmas Parties! And please if you are interested to learn or improve your English join the team EC Oxford and … Read more

This week at EC Oxford: Christmas

This week at EC Oxford we are celebrating Christmas. And to get you in the “Christmas spirit” we have prepared a lot of fun activities for you ?. Monday On Monday, during lunch break, don’t forget to come to our Welcome presentation. To welcome our new students and found out what’s going on at EC Oxford during the week. After your afternoon class, you can join the Homework Club with Lorna to work on your homework. But also to ask any questions you may have about British Culture and Christmas in Great Britain.   Tuesday On Tuesday, if you are invited to take a level test, please come to the computer room. This is a great way to evaluate your progress. After class, at 3 pm, you can go to the Christmas Market, do some Christmas shopping, and try some mulled wine. Please don’t forget to sign up at reception.   Wednesday On Wednesday, your teachers have prepared a Christmas Workshop where you will have the opportunity to discuss Christmas traditions in your own countries. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, please join the conversation, as a great way to discover your friends and classmates’ cultures. During the Workshop, you will also get to try British traditional mince pies. Please don’t forget to sign up at reception.   Tuesday On Tuesday, your teachers have prepared a second Christmas Workshop, where you will get to learn new vocabulary commonly used during the Christmas season. You will also get the chance to create your own Christmas card, to send it to your relatives. Please don’t forget to sign up at reception.   Friday On Friday, don’t forget to come to our Farewell presentation to say goodbye to the students leaving school. After the Farewell event, we have prepared for you a great … Read more

This week at EC Oxford: Winter

    Now the winter is coming! And our topic of this week is Winter! On Monday The first event of this week is on Monday at 12.35 pm with our Welcome Event! Where you will be able to enjoy your breakfast at the Student Lounge, join us to see all the activities and meet the new student. Then to overcome your English and advance to the next level we have the Homework Club with Lorna at 2:45 pm and at the same time if you are a new student, please join us with Malachy in the New student presentation. On Tuesday At the beginning of the day you can enjoy a Christmas beverage, a nice hot chocolate, just please order at 9 am at the reception and it will be ready at 10:45 am for you. Afterwards in the afternoon you can Join Pamela our student ambassador to the Lighthouse at 3 pm where you will have drinks for a warm chimney. On Wednesday In the middle of the week, we have a Workshop for you! At 2:45 pm with our great Teresa! Where you can find new vocabulary about winter sports! On Thursday In almost the end of the week, we have prepared for you the activity Winter extreme weather and Visit the Christmas Market, this event will be at 2:45 pm with Alice on Broad Street please don’t miss it. In addition on Thursday with our student ambassador Koki, you will have the opportunity to dance and stake at the same time in the Disco Ice Staking at Oxford Ice Rink at 8 pm. On Friday At the end of the week please join Rachel in the student lounge for having a nice breakfast at 8:30 am. Then at 2.45 pm in the same place please join us … Read more

This week at EC Oxford: Music and Dance

This week again our students voted for the topic of the week. Music and Dance won with 156 votes against What’s Beauty. This week at EC Oxford we are also celebrating the first week of December by putting up our own Christmas Tree.     Monday On Monday afternoon don’t forget to come to our Welcome Event to meet the new students. This is also a time to know more about all the activities we have prepared for you this week. If you only take classes in the morning, you might get the opportunity to take a free afternoon class with the weekly Golden ticket. After the Welcome Event, you can join the Homework Club with Lorna. This is an opportunity to revise your homework, learn new study method and ask questions about your lessons ?.   Tuesday On Tuesday afternoon you can join the Movie Club in the Student Lounge and watch “Step Up” with your friends and classmates ?.   Wednesday If you are feeling Christmassy, why not helping us decorate the school? On Wednesday afternoon, you can stay in the Student Lounge and decorate our Christmas Tree ?.   Thursday On Thursday afternoon you can join a Music and Dance Workshop, to learn more vocabulary about music and learn about different types of music all around the world. In the evening you can go to Mad Hatter’s Karaoke to listen to even more music and make your voice heard ?.   On Friday On Friday morning don’t forget to come to our Breakfast club to chat with the other students. And discuss how your week as been. In the afternoon don’t forget to come to our Farewell event to say goodbye to the students leaving school. You will also receive your level test results. If you’re lucky you … Read more


This week at EC: Mmm… Chocolate

As every week at EC Oxford students voted for their favourite topic, this week we will learn about chocolate! take advantage of the new activities of this week to make new friends and practice as much as you can your English.   Monday On Monday after the classes, you will have the opportunity to meet the new students and join a welcome presentation to know everything about the activities we have planned for you during the week. The welcome presentation will be held in the student lounge at 2:35 pm. You can then join Lorna for the Homework Club at 2:45 pm where she will help you do your homework and improve your English skills.   Tuesday On Tuesday you can meet with student ambassadors at Turl Street Kitchen at 3 p.m, where you can enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate with other students and spend a pleasant and cozy afternoon. In the lunch break you can buy some delicious chocolates bites from the school and share it with your friends.   Wednesday This Wednesday you can watch the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Koki our student ambassador at 2:45 p.m in the student lounge, don’t miss the opportunity to have a great time and practice your English skills   Thursday On Thursday at the reception, there will be hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream during break time. We will also have the Workshop to learn how to take notes with a lecture on chocolate at 3 p.m. with Lucy, where you will be able to make better your listening recognising the keys words during a speech.   Friday At the end of the week on Friday, you can join Cassandra at the Breakfast Club that we have every Friday at 8:30 a.m. before classes at 2:35 … Read more


This week at EC Oxford: Inspiring people

This week our students voted for the theme of the week. Inspiring people won by a large majority against Games. So, this week we are going to talk about and learn about inspiring people within Oxford and around the world. Monday We start the week with our welcome presentation. We have 6 news students who we are going to give a big welcome. Join us to make them feel right at home on their first day. Afterward, you can join Lorna for Homework club. Here you can ask Lorna for help with your homework or any English problems you run into in your daily life. Tuesday On Tuesday at 3 pm we have board games activities in the Students’ Lounge. This is a good opportunity to practice your speaking skills and making new friends. There will be lots of fun games to play so make sure to join us. Wednesday On Wednesday at 2:45 we have an Inspiring People Workshop planned with Serge. If you want to discuss people who’ve inspired you, you can sign up at Reception. Thursday This Thursday at 3 pm Lucy will take you to the Museum of Oxford. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Oxford and the people that shaped the city. Please make sure to write down your name at Reception. Friday We will end our week with the farewell presentation in the Students’ Lounge. If you want to say goodbye to any of your friends leaving this week, come and join us at 2.35. At 3 pm, our student ambassador Malouke is holding a Film Club in the Students’ Lounge. This week you can choose to see Jumanji or Inside Out. Please make sure to vote for the movie you would like to watch at Reception.   If you want … Read more

altar day of the dead

Day of the Dead in Oxford

November 1st it was Dia de los muertos or Day of the Dead: a holiday celebrated in Mexico. Two of our Mexican students, Marlene and Pamela, made an altar in the school and played ‘loteria’ with the students. Marlene wrote something to explain to you what Day of the Dead is: “Hello everyone, As part of the school activity we learned about the meaning of an important Mexican tradition that takes place in Mexico annually on 2nd of November, “Day of the Dead”. As many may already know the Altar is an offering made at a table with food, toys and spiritual objects for those loved ones who have died, the reason to make an Altar is to be able to remember our loved ones in a cheerful and beautiful way. In this activity the students had the opportunity to take part in a tradition through photos and food offerings of their loved ones. The altars can have 3 to 7 levels, the higher levels represent the sky and the lower levels the earth. Additionally, the four natural elements are represented as the wind with punched paper, water with a glass of water, fire with candles and the earth with seeds, meals, breads or fruits. Furthermore the altar should include photos of those who are dedicated to the altar, sugar skulls since these represent the souls of loved ones, salt to purify the souls and flowers of Cempasuchil to mark the way to the altar. During the week we also had the great opportunity to play a Mexican game called “Loteria”. In this game you have to fill all the empty spaces on a piece of paper with drawings and words that are announced by the game leader. So that is a great opportunity to learn a little Spanish.”   … Read more

Welcome to Sonia

Sonia is the new Intern, read her Q&A to get to know her better Q: What did you do before you came to EC Oxford? Before I came to EC Oxford, I graduated from a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages Applied to Business Studies, in Advanced English and Beginner Mandarin-Chinese. I am currently doing a Master’s degree in International Business & Management, and I am here at EC Oxford, as part of my Master’s degree mandatory internship. Q: What is your role here in EC Oxford? I’m a Student Services Intern. I work with Rachel, the Student Services Coordinator, and Iris, another intern. My role is to make sure the students have a great experience here at EC Oxford by supporting them in all the technical aspects of their stay: from registering at the school, helping them with their host family/residency or answering any of their questions related to their stay. I also support the organization of activities at the school. Q: What have you enjoyed about working at EC Oxford so far? I enjoy the friendly and multicultural atmosphere at EC Oxford. I also really like that I have different kinds of missions during the day. Q: What do you like about Oxford as a city? I like the scenery of Oxford with all the old buildings. I enjoy going for a walk, so I really like that you can get to everywhere in Oxford just by walking. Q: What’s your hometown? Can you describe it to us? I come from Brest, in the region of Bretagne (in English: Britanny), in France. The region of Bretagne shares a lot of cultural similarities with other parts of the UK such as Ireland or Scotland, as Bretagne is one of the 6 Celtic nations. Brest weather is not the best, it … Read more

student ambassador

meet Marlene: our new student ambassador

Marlene is our new student ambassador. She answered some questions for us, so get to know her a bit better. 1.What’s your hometown? Can you describe it to us? I am from Mexico a country in North America full of colours, tourism, food and services. I was born in Coahuila a state in the north with too many services and a diverse climate. When I turned 6 I moved to Tamaulipas because of my father’s work in a completely hot and bilingual state on its border with the United States. 2 years later I moved to Durango a cold, small and cozy state where I spent most of my life. Then I went to study in Jalisco a degree for almost 4 years, a rainy state, large, full of tourism goods and services. And the state where I live today. Thanks to all this I have had the opportunity to know different places and environments and people within Mexico. 2.What did you do before coming to EC Oxford? Before having this incredible opportunity, I finished my career and my degree exam in the Bachelor of International Relations at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico. 3.What is your favourite thing about studying at EC Oxford?. EC Oxford offers a warm and friendly atmosphere to learn English as well as staff and students. EC Oxford offers different opportunities and environments to encourage you to improve your English! Practicing day by day with a balance in writing, speaking, reading and grammar classes. One of the best experiences is to be able to learn English with different cultures in one place, also a great benefit is to be able to learn in your home stay and practice English 24 hours a day. 4.What do you recommend in Oxford for other students? Enjoy every … Read more

student ambassador

Welcome to Malouke: our new student ambassador

We have another new student ambassador: Malouke. We asked her some questions to get to know her better. 1.What’s your hometown? Can you describe it to us? I’m from The Netherlands. It’s a small country, but very beautiful and with a lot of history. I live in a small town called Laren. It has a very close community and we almost all know each other. The town council organises a lot of activities, for example this year we had a small food truck festival. Which was very fun. 2.What did you do before coming to EC Oxford? Before coming to Oxford to study English at EC, I was a student at the Comenius College in Hilversum. It’s around 30 minutes with my bike from where I live. After I graduated high school, I started with my gap year. I worked for 2 months at a restaurant. 3.What is your favourite thing about studying at EC Oxford? My favourite thing about studying English at EC Oxford is definitely how close everyone is, everyone knows one another. Also the way of teaching, it’s not boring and the teachers are great. I think this makes learning a lot more fun. Not to mention the small classes, this way you get a lot of personal attention. The topic of the week is something I also really like, it’s nice that the school helps you get to know new students and helps you with doing stuff after school if you don’t have plans already. By making the students choose the topic of the week you really feel like your voice matters, which is great! 4.What do you recommend in Oxford for other students? Oxford has a lot of beautiful places, so I can’t just recommend one thing, but I feel like The Grand Café is … Read more