Valentine’s Day!



It’s that time of the year to find someone to cuddle with and just be happy that you are together. In the United States Valentine’s Day is very popular whether you’re single or have a significant other.  The day is used to tell the important people around you that you love them!  For couples popular activities include dinner in one of the many downtown restaurants, an evening cruise around the harbour, or taking a romantic moonlit walk along the beach.  If you’re  single and looking to meet new people head down to Pacific Beach or the Gaslamp Quarter, there’s plenty of places to hang out.   And …. join in the School’s celebrations, buy a candy gram for someone at school and have it delivered to them on Friday – keep it anonymous or send a love note the choice is yours!  Tell us who/what you love by writing on a heart and pinning it to our ‘love board’ in Reception.  On Friday follow the ‘traffic lights dress code’ and wear red, yellow or green to school.  Red if you’re taken, yellow if your not sure, and green if you’re single!  And the fun doesn’t stop there, hang out with us after school for cupcakes and punch.  Ask Lykai for more details



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