Whale Watching in San Diego


Last Saturday, 37 of our students set out on an adventure of a life time – how many of you have ever been up close to a magnificent gray whale? Well that’s exactly what our student did! December 26th – March 29th is the official whale season in California. Gray whales start traveling south to their birthing grounds in Baja California, Mexico and then return back north to their feeding grounds in the cold Arctic waters.

The group braved the slightly swelling waters, and the cold winds (thank goodness the rain had stopped) and were rewarded after about an hour into the trip with sightings of two gray whales and a number of dolphins. The boat was able to get quite close so student were able to get good views of the whales and the dolphins. Not quite like the show at SeaWorld but certainly a memorable experience. Highly recommended as one of the things to do in San Diego if you are here during whale season!dolphins



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