Why San Diego (and EC)




Cecilia is a 24 year old student here at EC San Diego and she is from Mexico City, Mexico. In this interview, she will share with you some of her interests in San Diego and at EC.

What do you like most about EC? I love how everybody is so kind and helpful and the structure of the classes are amazing.

What do you like to do most in San Diego? I love walking on the beach and walking around La Jolla, but my favorite thing is shopping. It’s also really nice to see people walking dogs all the time.

Would you recommend EC San Diego? YES, of course! I love how the school is integrated and the school got me really ready for the real world of English. This school really helped me improve my speaking and listening skills as well as the slang words in English so that I can better understand native speakers.

What are your plans for using English after school? I intend to finish my workbook and to get a job where I can use my English in Mexico City.

What advice would you give new EC students? I would recommend really speaking English and meeting as many students as you can because you can learn about many other countries and cultures and enjoy all of your time here.




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