Meet One of EC San Diego’s Host Families

Hi and greetings potential students! I am a host Mom who has been hosting students for almost nine years. I began hosting when I became aware of the fact that my daughter, then only 10 years old, could use some more exposure to other cultures other than what she was learning in school. Since then, we have hosted over 55 students and have loved every one of them. Each student has helped brighten our family.
We have taken our students on hikes in the local mountains, have shared many holiday traditions with them including cooking cultural foods, and have had many students come back for visits and vacations to revisit beautiful San Diego! We plan to visit some of them in the near future in Turkey, Switzerland,and Italy. We also email our students regularly to help them continue to practice their writing skills.
The benefits of living with a host family is the rich experience of practicing your English while you study at school. Being able to practice English in a comfortable, nonjudgemental home atmosphere like at the dinner table daily helps many students perform better on many of their exams.The more you practice, the better your English becomes! Living with a host family is also a great way to tap resources available to you through brochures we keep in our home about things to do and see both in local cities and states.I have a library shelf filled with books and maps for our students to browse. We hope this is helpful in making your decision about E.C. English schools
MaryAnn Lentini




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