Pronunciation Practice [p]/[f]

Do you have trouble saying words like “perfect”, “pray”, “feel”, and “fan”? If so, here are a few tips for improvement. To make the [p] sound, have your two lips touching and blow out some air. Practice the [p] sound with the following words: Put, Play, Pie, Peel, Pray To make the [f] sound, put you … Read more

Student Book Review: The Devil Wears Prada

  “Right now, I am reading The Devil Wears Prada in English.  It is about a girl’s success story.  The main character works at a fashion magazine.  She has a boss who is like the devil; she is strict and selfish.  Her boss uses her like a servant, but she bears it and is struggling.  At first, … Read more

Valentine’s Day at EC San Diego

EC San Diego knows how to celebrate the day of love, Valentine’s Day.  Look at the pictures below! Heart-themed snacks and refreshments for all to enjoy The stage for EC San Diego’s version of “The Dating Game” The lucky winners of The Dating Game, Christian and Helene, show … Read more

February Student Feature: Bruno Cittolin Smaniotto

Bruno is a 16 year old student at EC San Diego from Brazil. Bruno is so full of life and was eager to learn while he was here at EC San Diego. In this interview, he shared with you some interesting information about his stay here and some helpful advice to other EC students. What did you like most a … Read more


Happy Birthday Lykai!!

Lykai Nash, EC San Diego’s Student Services Coordinator, celebrated her birthday with many different versions of the “Happy Birthday” song, thanks to EC students who love her so much. Not only that, she was surprised with a great big chocolate birthday cake that she was kind enough … Read more