EC San Diego Store

Did you know that EC San Diego now has a store that sells all sorts of cool items?  These products are not only useful, they also make ideal souvenirs and gifts.  Check out the items modeled by EC San Diego Students. The EC Mug The EC Backpack The EC Pen and Calendar The EC Car Shade

Whale Watching!!

As a school activity, EC San Diego students spent time in a small boat on the Pacific Ocean hoping to see whales. Rather than being visited by whales, however, they sailed the seas with a pod of dolphins who decided to put on a little show for them. It was a cool, cloudy day, and the water was rough … Read more

EC Running: San Diego

EC San Diego has a running group! Yay! Our first run will take place on Saturday April 3, 2010.  We will run from Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach to La Jolla Cove, enjoying the stunning ocean view as we trot 10 miles along the waterfront.  Go EC San Diego!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Top o’ the mornin’ to you! EC San Diego celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with decorations and treats. Students rushed to the front desk for cookies, drinks, and a little socializing. Check out the photos below!

March Student Feature: All about Patrick Meier

Patrick Meier is a FCE student who is just about to return to his life in Switzerland. In a private interview, he discussed his overall experience in San Diego, and was even willing to share a joke! Read on to learn more about him. Tell me a little bit about yourself! I am here because it is the las … Read more