Student Film Review: Eat, Pray, Love


EC San Diego student, Chaewon Jung, just recently watched the movie based on the novel (which she had already read in English), Eat, Pray, Love. Below, she gives her very well-thought out review of the film.


“This movie is a chick flick. Before I came here, I was reading the book. This movie is based on the novel. One of my friends recommended this book to me. Fortunately, I could watch this movie last weekend.

This movie is starring Julia Roberts, who is a famous actress in America. Julia Roberts goes to Italy, India, and Indonesia. Not only does she want a spiritual life, she wants to have inner peace in her life. After she gets divorced, she becomes really confused about her life. That is why she made the decision to go to Italy, India, and Bali.

Actually, as you can see, Eat is Italy, Pray is India, and Indoesia is a balance of real life and inner peace. In Italy, she always tried to eat various Italian food even though she gained a lot of weight, so that is how she was able to find pleasure in her life in Italy. The next is India. As many of you know, India is a religious country. She tried to discover her real spiritual life. It is really hard to meditate for a long time, but she tried to meditate for a long time, but it was really hard for her. In Indonesia, I was really impressed that she dressed in traditional Indonesian costume. I was really impressed with Italy, compared to India and Indonesia. I really want to go there.

While I was preparing for this interview, I read a lot of criticism about this movie. Most people have a bad opinion of this movie because Julia Roberts is always whining and complaining about her life, husband, and career. For me, I recommend this to women who have common issues, like how to make a good relationship, how to be successful, and how to be more comfortable in life. No sooner had I opened this book than I could easily understand what most women who want to pursue peace and happiness have thought. That is why I really recommend this movie to women in their late 20s and early 30s. Not men, because it is really a traditional chick flick. The author just mentions a woman’s life, and the main story is about marriage, divorce, and being a successful career woman.

The movie is about her finding a new life in 3 countries. Eventually, she meets her real love in Indonesia. Maybe if we don’t know the story, it is really easy to predict what the end of the story will be. There are no twists and turns and I have read many stories which talk about whining, pursuing happiness, and finding a real and new love. I guess this is a normal agony for women. For example, in their late 20s, women have to find a future husband who has a great personality and great career for their lives. Even though this is talking about after divorce, we cannot live without family. I could guess how hard it is after getting a divorce. Also, in the movie, she was really great, but she also doesn’t know how well she is doing her job, so we are thinking that we can also do our job. Finally, all people desire being with great people in our lives and having a real family and finding real peace in our life.

The book cover is really pretty and really attractive. The book is more detailed than the movie, but it is still good. It is almost the same.”



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