Salsa Salsa Salsa!!!

Getting involved in activities outside of the classroom is a great way to improve your English.  EC San Diego students attended a salsa class in La Jolla in order to learn some hot salsa moves!  During this activity, they practised not only their dance moves, but also their English listening skills! … Read more

Teacher Feature: Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan is an EC San Diego English school instructor who has been teaching the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate classes. She was previously an instructor at EC Boston, but decided to move back to her hometown of San Diego last year. Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a spe … Read more

Academic Year Lecture Series: American Football

The purpose of the Academic Year lecture series is to give AY students some experience with a typical university classroom situation.  The students listen to a powerpoint presentation on a variety of diverse topics.  They are expected to take notes, and then write a summary report about the main poi … Read more

EC San Diego Pronunciation Clinic

Pronunciation is a very important part of the English language. At EC San Diego, students have the opportunity to improve their pronunciation by attending Pronunciation Clinic on Tuesday afternoons at 3pm. This class is a one hour intensive lesson that focuses on different sounds every week. It is l … Read more