Teacher Feature: Nicole Sullivan


Nicole Sullivan is an EC San Diego English school instructor who has been teaching the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate classes. She was previously an instructor at EC Boston, but decided to move back to her hometown of San Diego last year. Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in Literature and Writing. She also has a Teaching Credential for the state of California and received her CELTA certificate while living in Spain. Her hobbies include reading books from the American Classics, skydiving, camping, spending time with her loved ones, and flying; she is currently in the process of obtaining her private pilot’s licence. Nicole is a very passionate person and loves teaching. Check out her interview below!

Why do you think EC San Diego is a great place to study English?

Because of the fantastic people, weather, and culture in San Diego. EC San Diego is inviting and friendly. The teachers are top knotch. They are hard working, dedicated, and motivated to help the students. They are all highly qualified to teach English and have many years of experience teaching and living abroad. Students at EC San Diego learn language that is applicable to their daily lives such as common idioms and academic language.

What advice do you have for prospective and current students on how to improve their English?

For those students who are already here, my advice to them is to put forth the time and the effort. Work hard and have fun. Make the most of your experience. For prospective students, you need to keep the following things in mind while studying English at EC San Diego. Ask lots of questions, take notes, and talk to your teachers during or after class. Other very useful things for students to keep in mind is to get involved outside of class if possible. Get connected to the community because this is the best way to learn about American culture and language.



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