EC San Diego English School Student Spotlight

Salvatore Barone is a 34 year old student from Switzerland. After spending four months with us here in San Diego, Salvatore will return home.Before leaving, he wanted to share some advice for other EC students! Here’s what he had to say: What as your favorite thing about EC San Diego English s … Read more

Meet Valerie, EC San Diego’s Newest Addition!!

We want to welcome our new Student Services Advisor, Valerie! Val comes to us from NYC! At least most recently… She has also lived in Miami and all over California. But her favorite city is, of course, San Diego! She has been working in the field of international education for four years now, and st … Read more

EC Cares

Globalization is making the world smaller. It’s now easy to see how everything and everyone is closely connected.We can all see the impact of our everyday actions on the planet and we share the same social and environmental concerns.  Essentially, we have a responsibility to take account of our impa … Read more

Valentine’s at EC San Diego English School!

Here at EC San Diego English School, we like to go all out on the holidays.  That is why this Valentine’s Day, we decided to do a couple different things for our students! First, we had cut-out hearts available for students to come and write down who or what they loved.  They then got to pin t … Read more

EC San Diego English School Intern: Anja

Hi! My name is Anja. I’m the new intern at EC San Diego English School! I was born in Berlin, but moved a lot from place to place within Germany during my school time. After high school I went to the Netherlands to study International Marketing – a great choice! During my study program I got the cha … Read more

Welcome to February!

It may be the shortest month, but it is definitely full of events, holidays and activities, which of course gives us the opportunity to practice English in all different kinds of situations. Valentine’s Day is coming up – so make your dinner reservations soon!  Although it is celebrated … Read more