Rewarding Hard Work!

We know that students can be tempted to speak their own language because it is easier sometimes.  However, we have an ENGLISH ONLY policy here at EC San Diego.  We encourage students to practice as much as possible to help them improve faster.  This means using English outside of the classroom.  We are very proud of our students because we see them putting so much effort into improving their English skills that we like to show our appreciation by rewarding this hard work! 

We have a fun incentive program we use as a way to say thank you: every week students who speak English in the school are entered into a drawing for a prize.  Below you will see photos of some of our recent winners.  Great job and keep up the good work!

Sarath, an Academic Year student from Thailand, with his gift certificate to SmashBurger!
Simone, a Cambridge student from Switzerland, with her Cold Stone Creamery gift card!
Gwangho, an Academic Year student from Korea, with his EC travel mug!



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