Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day, and commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in military service to the United States. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated … Read more

Student Spotlight

Hwayun Lee is a 20 year old student from Korea. She arrived here at EC San Diego in January in order to improve her English.  In this interview, she will share with you some interesting information about her stay here and some helpful advice to her fellow students. What has been the best part about … Read more

Weekly Ticket Winners

As a way of saying thank you for following our English only policy and for hard work in class here at EC San Diego, we have a weekly drawing for prizes. Learning a new language and improving language skills takes practice, as the students below realize!    

Bike to Work (or School) Day

With the great weather and soaring gas prices, biking to work is growing in popularity in San Diego.  Last Friday was National Bike to Work Day and San Diego alone had over 5,000 people participate.  Pit stops were set up for the event to provide bikers with snacks, water and free T-shirts.  Here at … Read more

Coffee and Conversation with Mai!

Our first ever Coffee and Conversation Class was held on Monday in the Living Room Cafe.  Mai began the conversation with recent headlines and current events.  The atmosphere was open and encouraging, so students at every level felt comfortable asking questions and volunteering opinions.  We will ha … Read more

**Happy Birthday**

It’s time to celebrate our students born in the month of May!  So sing and clap along with us as they blow out the candles! “Happy Happy Birthday From the EC Crew! We wish it was our birthday So we could party too!  Hey!”        

Debating Made Fun

The advanced class came up with a great topic for their debating lesson: Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Students were asked to pick a side and get in to groups.  To mix things up, the teacher then asked them to argue the opposite opinion.  This way instead of just arguing to win the debate, students ha … Read more

Congrats Grads!

Last week we held a graduation ceremony for a group of students that came together from a school in Switzerland.  They were with their teacher, who brought them to EC San Diego to better their English and immerse them in American culture. We asked them what they liked best about their time here at E … Read more

TGIF!!! Or is it???

Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Friday the 13th has had the reputation of generating bad luck for centuries.  The number thirteen has been associated with bad luck even longer: since the time of Christ when Judas the betrayer became the thirteenth guest at the last supper.  It is unclear when or how Fr … Read more

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “Fifth of May”) is a holiday in Mexico that commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely defeat of French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, and so it represents a celebration of freedom and liberty. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo has become increasing … Read more