Student Spotlight

Hwayun Lee is a 20 year old student from Korea. She arrived here at EC San Diego in January in order to improve her English.  In this interview, she will share with you some interesting information about her stay here and some helpful advice to her fellow students.

What has been the best part about learning English here at EC?

The teachers here are very passionate.  They always prepare for class immaculately and are ready to help the students.  Also, if a student is having a problem, the teachers are considerate and helpful in solving the question.

What is your favorite thing about the school?

EC has a beautiful view!  The school is located in one of the most beautiful areas in San Diego.  The ocean is right behind the school and you can walk down to look at the cute seals.

Why has been your favorite thing to do in San Diego so far?

My favorite memories are hanging out with my friends from a variety of countries.  We have a lot of trips and a lot of fun.  I get to learn about their cultures and practice English with them outside of school.

What would you suggest new students do when they arrive?

I suggest that they go out as much as possible while they are here!  It is fun to go to happy hours, for example, and meet new people.  Many places have discounts on certain nights as well, so they should see when that happens.  Taco Tuesday is the best!