July is Almost Here!

Summertime is here!  Check out the new July activities calendar and newsletter.  Be sure to sign up early so we can save you space.  We have planned everything from beach volleyball to skydiving, so this month is looking very exciting!  

Get Talking Class Gives Directions!

Sometimes giving directions is just as difficult as trying to understand them.  To practice giving directions in English, teacher Chris had his “Get Talking” class pair up.  One student was blindfolded while the other gave them directions to walk around the school.  The goal was to successfully walk … Read more

Teacher Feature: RONNEL!

This month we are shining a spotlight on our teacher, Ronnel!  Ronnel teaches our Beginner and Intermediate levels, as well as our Get Talking elective.  Here is what he had to share about himself: As a native San Diegan, I never knew how much of a paradise San Diego really is until I left it!  Teac … Read more

Summer is Here!

Today is officially the first day of summer!  So get ready for more fun in the sun and the fabulous San Diego weather!  Today is also a solstice, the day when the position of the sun in the sky appears to reach its most extreme point.  In other words, when viewed from Earth, the sun appears to stand … Read more

Our New Academic Team!

We have made some exciting changes with our academic team! Sadly, our current Academic Director, Leigh Ann Russell, will be leaving EC to take on the next adventure! We are very happy to have Heather Giammona taking over the role! We are also excited to welcome Stefanie Johnson as our new Assistant … Read more

Meet the Interns!

Have you seen all of the new faces at the front desk?  Well, meet our new administrative interns: Marcelo and Kelsey!  They are excited to be sharing the upcoming summer with you and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.  Come up to the desk and say hello! Here is a little intro … Read more

Learning with Lyrics

Ever wonder if there was a more interesting way to memorize grammar and vocabulary?  Well, research has shown that the answer could lie in a song.  For many people, setting words to music can help us remember things better.  By reading the words and listening to them at the same time, we are getting … Read more

Bucket List

A bucket list is where you write down all of the things you want to do before you die.  Last week, teacher Ronnel had his Get Talking elective class create their own unique list.  Students had to interview staff and classmates to find out what was most popular.  As you might guess, most answers invo … Read more

Class at the Cove!

For one of their finals lessons, some of our Cambridge students decided to use English in action with a beach day! Jerrod and Mai took their First Certificate in English (FCE) classes to The Cove for a game day all in English. Students played wiffle ball, football and soccer. We are so happy for our … Read more