International Students & Community Outreach

Through a recently formed partnership with EC San Diego, La Jolla and Casa De Manana, a front porch retirement community in La Jolla, we now have students present their cultures once a month to the community residents.  We also allow 2 teachers to bring their classes to watch the presentations which are then followed by in-class activities.  The presentations include a powerpoint that the students have developed along with pictures on what they are presenting.  They start by introducing themselves along with some other biographical information.  They then go in subtopics about their country such as; food, culture, religion, politics, economics, major exports, human rights and so much more.  The presentations last for about 40 minutes followed by questions and answers. Check out some of the photos from a special dinner that was held last night.

Our next presentation will be held at 3pm on Thursday, May 24th. To find out about how you can participate please talk to teacher Daniel.