Meet one of our students, Coralie from Switzerland

My name is Coralie and I am from Geneva, Switzerland. I found about EC through my agent and also saw it on the internet. I am happy at EC San Diego because they are more disciplined than other language schools that I have been told about. I enjoy my classes here especially with Teacher Tamara and Jeff.  They are very funny and I like the way they teach. My speaking has definitely improved and I plan on continuing to practice speaking English only even after I get back home. People here are very nice and so far I have made many friends. I really like my host family. They are nice and take good care of me.

I also like the location of the school because it is close to the beach. During my free time I enjoy shopping, going to the beach, travelling and hanging out with my friends. I had an opportunity to travel to San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara which I really enjoyed. I would suggest to new students to study and also travel.