CSR Dinner and Conversation

Student‘s Visit at the Retirement Community  ”Casa de Mañana“

The EC Language School in La Jolla organizes a monthly volunteer opportunity at the local Retirement Community, “Casa de Mañana.”   During this event, 5 students and a teacher eat dinner and spend quality time with some Members of the Community. The Students get the opportunity to get to know the local people as well as improve their language Skills. I was one off the lucky one who was able to participate in this experience. After arriving at the Retirement Community, we were split up in groups of 2 students to sit at different tables and enjoy what was a fabulous dinner with extremely nice elders. For us Students it was a whole new experience to speak with them and we were all impressed about the past of these lovely people. One lady, for example, at my table had travelled all around the world. We were talking about where we come from and each time she continued to emphasize that she had already been there. I have never spoken about so many things than on this night.  After a fabulous dinner with this amazing woman, I and the other student sat at another table. They welcomed us and we were asked so many questions that I really get confused to answer all of them. My friends, sitting at a differenttable, told me that they all enjoyed the evening as well. They told me that the elder at their table asked them if they all were over 21.  After they confirmed this, they got a bottle of wine out for their dinner.  I never imaged that these people would all be so present, aware, and lively. It was such a great experience and I learned a lot, we all had fun and I hope that the members from the Community also enjoyed the evening as much as us the Students of the EC Language School did.

Tara Soppelsa