Volunteer Outreach at Casa De Manana

Here at EC San Diego we do a lot of volunteer outreach in our community.  One monthly event we do is called “Dinner and Conversation.”  At this event between 4 to 7 students visit a local retirement community and eat dinner with the residents.  It is a great chance for the students who study the English language at EC San Diego to meet local residents and practice their English conversation skills, while the residents love having the students visit them and engage in meaningful conversation.

Here one student, Kyoungah Yu, from South Korea, wrote about her experiences.  She has participated twice in this event.

“It was my second time to have a great dinner with  the elderly and retired people of La Jolla. As the first time when I had visited them they welcomed us with smiles on their faces. They tried to make us feel comfortable. We talked about how different cultures I have from them and my impression about San Diego. In addition to the good conversation we had a cuisine that was fresh and nice. This night will be one of the best precious experiences in San Diego to me. I am sure that  people who are warm hearted can get a unforgettable and meaningful memory in this dinner.”