Today is Earth Day

If you care about the climate and the environment, or maybe all things outdoors, then maybe Earth Day is likely very important to you. EC San Diego students and San Diegans celebrated early at Balboa Park. There were many events and celebrations around town yesterday. A parade at 10:30am kicked off … Read more

EC San Diego Teacher John

John Kim has worked and taught at various levels at the U.S. Embassy Far East. He has worked in Germany, Japan, and Korea in both private and public sectors. John is currently an active tutor and volunteer with the EC School in San Diego. You can find him teaching One-to-One classes in room 8. Join … Read more

Giving Back Day at EC San Diego

Our second annual ‘Giving Back Day’ was very successful.  We had a total of 18 people, (staff, teachers, and students), attend this event.  Together we helped the Surfrider foundation to clean up tons of garbage from the habitat in and around Sunset Cliffs.  Thanks to all who came and participated i … Read more

Recycling Cigarette Butts

Our CSR champion, Daniel Heckmeyer, doing one of this newest initiatives, collecting and sending cigarette butts for recycling. This is done to ensure that such products do not end up in our oceans. If you are interested in implementing such programs please visit  

The 1:1 Movement

Academic Year Lecture at EC San Diego The 1:1 Movement is a non-profit company headquartered in San Diego. Their goal is to be part of the solution in making our community as safe, clean, and healthy as possible. They work very hard in trying to help save the environment. Amanda Tatum, Co-founder an … Read more