EC San Diego Gets Technical – Meet ECSD’s Incredible IT Specialist Marsha!!

Working Hard!!

Learn English with every resource at your fingertips!

Meet EC San Diego’s Feature Staff Member of the Month: Marsha Pool!! Marsha has worked at ECSD for five years as the center’s IT Applications Support – she is the reason ECSD students have unlimited access to Wifi and the ability to use school computers to do homework, research San Diego activities, and print what they need to study English. She is also the most knowledgeable IT resource for teachers and administrators, helping to maintain and improve ECSD’s online systems.

Aside from being a tech genius, Marsha is also super cool. Here are a few awesome facts about her that most people don’t know:

  • Her first job was fixing cars
  • She studies Chinese, Russian and Spanish
  • She served in the U.S. Army for four years
  • She has weathered the grueling tundras of Russia, hiking through Siberia for a month in 2002!

Thanks to Marsha,  EC San Diego has become a more modern and efficient ESL school. Her expertise and innovation have created strong foundations that allow EC San Diego to accomplish its mission of inspiring and teaching international students to learn English!!

Say hi to Marsha anytime, and thank her for having such wonderful passion for ECSD! Or just ask her how to fix your car’s timing belt, or if she’s ever seen a Siberian tiger. The answers may surprise you!!

ECSD loves you Marsha!!